EBTS Pro Assist

EBTS was established as a part of Groep de Condé. As of now, however, the company will continue independently as EBTS Pro Assist. 

More foreign expansion

EBTS expands with new service platforms in France and Spain, which in analogy to the Polish office are coordinated from the head office in Belgium.

Service platform in Poland

To guarantee the quality of our service, it is important to assist clients in their native language. To meet the growing demand, EBTS opens up a new service platform in Wroclaw, Poland.

Back office in Moldova

EBTS goes international by founding EDP (Efficient Data Processing), a back office in the Moldavian capital Chisinau.

Technical breakdowns

EBTS adds a new department: European Breakdown Technical Services. Beside tyre breakdowns, EBTS now also covers technical breakdowns.

Founding of EBTS

EBTS is founded as an independent company by Groep de Condé. At the time, EBTS stands for European Breakdown Tyre Service and only carries out tyre breakdowns.